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NINE WAYS TO PREP A GUEST ROOM 1 BEDSIDE AMENITIES Guests are not used to the new space so ample lighting is great for them to be able to move comfortably around the room. Lights on end tables by the bed that they can easily turn on in the middle of the night are perfect. Guests may like to read a bit before falling asleep, make sure to have proper wattage bulbs on each side of the bed to accommodate this. If your guest bedroom is smaller (which means you will have smaller end tables) opt for a Swing Arm Lamp that attach to the wall. This lighting set Having overnight guests at your house can be intimidating even though having house guests can be so much fun. By preparing for visitors ahead of time you will ensure they your guests will have a comfortable stay, and you will be able to take some pressure off yourself during their stay as well. It doesn't take much but a few dollars and a little pre-planning to create a cozy space for overnight or weekend guests.

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